martedì 6 maggio 2008


  • CONCENTRATION: Keep your thoughts solely on the game, in particular the ball - make it an obsession. Do this and you will lapse into deep concentration. It takes a lot of practice. Champions do it.
  • ERRORS, ERRORS, ERRORS: Stop making errors - now! You win most matches on opponents errors, and keeping the ball in play. So eliminate your own errors and keep the ball going. Elementary - but so easily forgotten.
  • RECEIVING SERVICE: Be on the balls of your feet, racket in the ready to prepare immediately you know whether it is to be backhand or forehand.
  • BEND YOUR KNEES: You won't get maximum power if you don't bend your knees. To transfer body weight into your shots you must bend your knees as you step into the stroke.
  • BAD CALLS, BAD STROKES: Bad strokes, bad calls etc. forget them, they're past. All that matters is keeping your concentration and the next point. So however bad and unsetting - forget them. And it's back to the ball.
  • WATCH THE BALL: watch the ball so intently you see the pattern on it. Don't take your eyes off it. Watch it right onto your racket. It takes practice. Champions do it.
  • PREPARE, PREPARE, PREPARE: Get the racket back early every time - as soon as the ball leaves your opponent's racket. Give yourself time to play well. The game takes on a new dimension with early preparation.
  • FOOTWORK - MOVE, MOVE, MOVE: Never stand still. Footwork is the secret of success in so many sports. It is vital in tennis. Hurry your footwork in order to prepare early, and play unhurried strokes.
  • SERVICE: The majority of service traumas stem from bad throws that get progressively worse - erratic, misplaced. So calmly concentrate on your throw-up - and get your first service in.
  • HIT THROUGH THE BALL: To achieve a consistent good length - hit through the ball. Don't hit across it, or hit at it - hit powerfully through it. Consistent long length is a winner.
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