sabato 14 marzo 2009


We are atheists.
We are in favor of contraception, amniocentesis and the epidural, of assisted insemination homologous and heterologous, voluntary interruption of pregnancy, the "day after pill" and the RU-486, the embryonic stem cell research, euthanasia and biological testing.
We train couples in fact, without signing contracts or marriages. Our children do not receive the baptism and we exonerate them from teaching of the Catholic religion.
We prefer to think instead of believe. And think of a healthy human birth, the same for everyone without perversions and without original sin. So, good for us is synonymous with ethics and human sanity.
We believe that the Church has never evolved, if not because compelled by the laity, like ours does not seem to be more. Equally, we support that the clergy is a lobby for political and economic power, and that the Vatican is a foreign state, with its rules, its small area and its major expansion desires.
If the Church or Italy will speak on behalf of Christianity, no longer speaks in our name.
We want to be free to dream, to think women and men as we take care of our needs and our needs in human beings, made of psyche and biology and not born until they have seen the light with our eyes. It died when we can no longer expect to be alive.
All this may be sufficient to be excommunicated? We think so.
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